Thursday, March 22, 2007

Colorado State Goes Green for Green

A new program in sustainable enterprise will educate future business leaders in producing working solutions to global problems, for a profit...

The program, aimed toward those who want to specialize in global, social, and sustainable enterprises, will give participants an in-depth education in sustainable business, something that goes beyond the usual electives that are available in the second year of many MBA programs.

Participants will focus on ways to fix social problems including poverty, disease, and pollution. The three-semester program includes a summer of field work in a developing country. Students will create projects that they will develop either independently or on behalf of an already established company looking for an entrepreneurial enterprise. At graduation, some students will probably have the option to continue to develop their businesses. "This is a roll-up-your-sleeves business degree," Hudnut says.

Colorado State Goes Green for Green

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