Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Re-Thinking The System That Is Food

How does our modern concept of food and our eating habits affecting our health and the environment around us. TreeHugger's Tamara Giltsoff has a wonderful article based on her personal experience on this issue. Be sure to read the entire article here.
Food is so connected to who we are and how we operate in this world. Think about the different patterns of food that cross cultures and social divides. It also reflects the patterns of the modern world and the downfalls of a globalized world – processed food, hormone induced animals, hymogenization, pesticides, food miles, GM etc.

What did I learn when food was taken away from me and I spent a whole week discussing the provenance of produce, how we should be eating, how we once ate and why the current system of food is failing the world and our bodies?

Fasting – Re-Thinking The System That Is Food (TreeHugger)

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