Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sanyo's New Washer Uses 96% Less Water

The drum-style machines converts air to ozone to eliminate bacteria and odor, a process previously used only in commercial washing machines like those in hospitals with ozone-generating machines. But Sanyo is now packaging the technology for household use. Water is purified using a recycling process. The ozone washes away bacteria, which can lead to smells, and dirt.

“By making a washing machine that can reuse bathwater and recycle it in Japan, customers not only save on their water bills, but they save water than needs to be used for drinking,” says Sanyo spokesman Aaron Fowles in an article published in Digital World Tokyo last month. “[T]hat type of water makes up less than one per cent of the Earth’s water supply.”

The machine is only available now in Japan and Taiwan, but the company hopes to eventually enter the U.S. and European market.

Sanyo's New Washer Uses 96% Less Water | Via: EcoGeek

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