Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A company I’d like to buy from

This is what will drive more people to recycle and reduce toxic waste from ending up in garbage bins. From batteries to bulbs and electronics to computers, all of our modern conveniences come with a price; they all have toxic materials. If the companies who sell these goods make it easy for the consumers to send the item back to them for proper disposal--at a reasonable price, I think more people would do it.
"What about this, though? What if GE or Sylvania or the other companies sold their CFL bulbs in little, post-office-approved, mailing tubes (made from a strong, recycled cardboard, say)? What if they included in the tube, along with the bulb, an adhesive prepaid mailing label? What if that prepaid mailing label stuck on the tube, with the burned-out CFL bulb safely placed inside, directed the bulb to a central CFL bulb disposal center? That would turn every mailbox in the country into a good, safe place to dispose of our CFLs."

No Impact Man: A company I’d like to buy from

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