Thursday, October 11, 2007

50 Quick, Painless Ways You Can Help the Environment Today

[Playing] your part to help the environment doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or sweeping. You can help out in little ways, making gradual changes, baby steps.

Starting today.

Pick one, and start today.

  1. Take a shorter shower.
  2. Use a rag or hand towel instead of napkins or paper towels.
  3. Don’t print at least once today.
  4. Carpool once this week.
  5. Turn off the TV for an hour.
  6. Turn off the lights.
  7. Use a coffee mug instead of disposable.
  8. Use CFC light bulbs.
  9. Skip the foil and plastic wrap.
  10. Inflate your tires.
  11. Clean up.
  12. Talk to your kids about the environment.
  13. Reuse printed paper.
  14. Turn down your water heater.
  15. Plant a tree.
  16. Hang out your clothes.
  17. Buy a manual reel mower or electric mower.
  18. Get a low-flow shower head.
  19. Lower your thermostats.
  20. Participate or organize a clean-up.
  21. Avoid fast food.
  22. Use acryllic paint.
  23. Coat your roof.
  24. Clean your filters.
  25. Telecommute.
  26. Wash clothes in cold water.
  27. Fill your toilet tank.
  28. Buy recycled products.
  29. Recycle.
  30. Buy a smaller car.
  31. Buy a smaller home.
  32. Look for energy efficiency.
  33. Water grass early in the morning.
  34. Plant shade trees near your house.
  35. Use rechargeable batteries.
  36. Buy used.
  37. Walk instead of drive.
  38. Unplug appliances.
  39. Unload your car.
  40. Try cycling.
  41. Install a water filter.
  42. Use cloth shopping bags.
  43. Mend your stuff.
  44. Compost.
  45. Try mass transit.
  46. Buy in bulk.
  47. Buy durable.
  48. Use your oven less.
  49. Join a local organization.
  50. Join Blog Action Day.
Read the entire article with more detail here.

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Anonymous said...

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