Monday, February 26, 2007

Australia Switches Off Incandescent Bulbs

Pay special attention to the last sentence in this quote.

I've always felt the light switch can be our best friend in saving energy (costs). When I see office buildings and stores with their lights on after closing time, I wonder if the owners realize how much energy is being wasted by the lights and computers that have been left on during off hours.

If everyone switches off lights and other electrical devices when they leave the room, at home or at the office, imagine how much electricity we would be saving.
Of course, the replacement lighting offering these savings will be compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Though we imagine the LED guys will seize the opportunity too. An interesting stat that came out with all this, was that globally lighting is equal in emission contribution to about 70% of the world's passenger vehicles. Which should remind us that turning off lights when a room is vacant also helps too, even better than using CFLs.

World First? Australia Switches Off Incandescent Bulbs (TreeHugger)

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