Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How You Can Fight Global Warming

The scientific and political arguments surrounding global warming can make the whole topic seem beyond the grasp of the individual. How fast is the climate changing? Exactly what effects do humans have? Is the White House telling the truth about the problem? And what's being done?

Scientists have proposed some wacky solutions, from injecting sulfur into the air to shading Earth with a ring of satellites. But real, rational and large-scale near-term solutions can only come from new laws. Meanwhile, there are things you can do. How we treat Earth involves trillions of little decisions by billions of individuals that drive the industrial engines that ultimately spew the greenhouse gases into the air.

That in mind, LiveScience presents a range of ideas for saving energy and otherwise cutting down on your impact on the planet. Many of the ideas will also save you money.

Here's a quick list of suggestions (click here for more details):
  1. Change your light bulbs
  2. Drive less, drive differently, and drive a more fuel-efficient car
  3. Control you home’s temperature
  4. Tame your refrigerator
  5. Twist some knobs (water heater, thermostat, etc.)
  6. Plant smartly
  7. Invest in green energy
  8. Go organic
  9. Buy recycled
  10. Be a minimalist
How You Can Fight Global Warming - Yahoo! News via Green Thinkers.

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